Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas is here


I promised to put some pictures of our Christmas decoration at home. I tried to take some "nice" pictures, but because I hate using flash they turned out orange...argh! I guess I will have to learn to use the settings in my camera...

Since I came here I have been trying to drive the car to practice a little bit, but now my father won't let me use the car because I had a small accident yesterday so hooooorey! Instead of using the break I accidentally pressed the gas and fiuuuuuu on the wall....hups! That could happen to anybody...okay probably not, but it's not easy driving a car in Greece where people honk their horns every time you drive a bit slower. Now I am having a break from driving so I am not dangerous to the rest of the world. :D

oh Christmas tree
Our messy kitchen :D
Me and my mom hate doing the decoration, but once it's done it is nice to look a it! Now that it's getting colder a hot cup of glögi and christmas cookies are perfect for the cold nights of December...aaaah! Since I was little we always celebrated Christmas the Finnish way so the decorations as well look more Scandinavian than Greek hehe. The only thing that is missing now is the snow, but I don't mind :D It is cold enough already!



  1. Ihanasti koristeltu teijän talo! :))

  2. tosi kauniit, tunnelmalliset koristelut!:) mun joulu alkaa vasta 23. päivä kun oon vihdoinkin kotona, nauti siä siitä, että oot jo kotona ja ehit fiilistellä ;) eli ihanaa joulunodotusta!

    1. Kiitos! Kyl se sunkin joulu pian alkaa :) on ainakin jotain mitä odottaa! :)

  3. The livingroom looks a bit like Las Vegas, but luckily the lights are not as bright as they show in the photo...