Friday, December 7, 2012

Two and a half Finnish girls in Barcelona part 3


Here comes the third part of my last days in Barcelona! I promise there is only one more post left of Barcelona and after that I will try to adjust to normal life again and write more things about Greece hehe. Who knew that getting used to my old life here would be so difficult. I have changed so much these past nine months that I have been away and people seem to complain even more about the crisis which I totally is not easy here.

To continue with something more happy...more pictures yey!
 Barrio Gótico. Recommend you to go there!
 Vegetables in La Boqueria...I am sure Hanna would go there every day if she lived in Barcelona :D
This is the story of how we got all these juices: I took my friends to La Boqueria to see how amazing it is and usually when I go there I always take a juice because they are so damn delicious! Anyway, we went there with Hanna and Essi to buy three juices, but I guess the woman who was selling them either liked the way I talked excellent Spanish ( NOT!) or she just wanted to get rid of them, so she kept giving us more and more. In the end we ended up with six juices and our hands full :D How I love Spanish people...Toma, toma, toma ( take, take, take ) hehe at least we didn't need to pay for them :P
 Now you understand why I gained so much weight! Lots of chocolate, ice cream and tapas for two months => heaven! :D
 Sitting on the lion's butt :D
 I was so proud to fill in the Greek word for lion :D I don't know who put that list there, but it's funny how many people actually had written on it!
Even though now that I think about it...I didn't do so many exciting things in Barcelona, just going out and meeting new people, but the fact that I was there was exciting enough for me :D
I will end my post here and go to bed because I am realllyyyyy tired!
More to come soon ;)
¡Buenas noches!

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