Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hometown glory

Γειά σας!

Hello, hello! What's up ladies and dudes? Most of you are probably busy getting ready for Christmas and all! How excitiiiiing :D
I am just realizing that for me Christmas used to be more about the presents and nothing else (selfish little brat), but now it's more about celebrating the birthday of Jesus which is how it should be! These days it's not very fashionable to be a christian and to be honest I have been hiding that a bit from my blog but I don't see the point on doing that anymore. The truth is that I had a long break that I didn't go to the church because I was so disappointed on how christian people were acting sometimes and I didn't want to believe in God just because the rest of my family did. I think this year has taught me a lot and even my trip to Spain was truly a blessing and it made me realize many things. change the subject now I am living with two men because my mom left to Finland for a few weeks so I am here alone with my dad and my friend who came from Finland to enjoy the sun and the "warm" weather hehe :)
Here is a look of what we have been doing here with Jasu! Walking and shopping quite a lot I would say :D
First we walked close to the sea...

...and then we continued our walk to the beautiful mountain of Pilio
 A local said that this tree is 1100 years old, not sure if I should believe it or not, but it could be!
fur hats are in fashion now hihi
I love my hometown because it has a little bit of everything. If you want to take a walk close to the sea it's right next to our house and if you want to take a walk in the mountains you can do that as well. Maybe that's why I liked Barcelona that much because it had the mountains and the felt like home :) 

 *not very Greek, but I like the song :P enjoy!

¡Hasta luego!



  1. Tutunnäkösiä paikkoja. Vähän erilaista kuitenkii talvella :)
    Pitäkää karvalakkipäät lippu korkeella ja pitäkää hauskaa!

    1. Kyllä pidetään! :D Pidä siäkin siellä Suomessa :)

  2. he he!Nice article and nice photos, as always!el