Monday, January 14, 2013

Bag making part 1


As I said on my previous post lately I have been into sewing and today I am going to show you how I am making a bag from the same fabric that I made the apron.
I am going to post two posts about it because it's not finished yet so stay tuned because tomorrow you are going to see the final result!

First of all I started by cutting the fabric into five pieces. Two pieces of 44x34 cm, one piece of 12x126 cm and two pieces of 8x108 cm.

 I started by making the straps for the bag. I used the 8x108 cm pieces ( they turned out to be too long so I had to cut them and the final length was 80 cm, but it depends on how long you want them to be).
I folded them in half from the opposite side and I sewed them with the sewing machine like this.

And then came the hard part when I had to turn the right side. I took a safety pin inside the fabric tube and started to push it to the opposite direction till it came out from the other end.
 The second step was to make the actual bag. The easiest thing would have been to just sew the side parts together, but then nothing would fit in the bag. So I decided to sew the 12x126 cm around the 44x34 cm sides to make the bag more spacious. If you notice on the picture I left a small part from the 34x44 cm  because I am going to put a zipper. (note: if you don't want a zipper you can start sewing it from the beginning )
 And when you are done sewing both sides on the 12x126 cm you cut the end of it and sew it inside the bag
For the next post the only thing that is left is to put the zipper and sew the straps! 
More about it tomorrow :)


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