Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rome part 1

Ciao ragazzi!

I am back and still very very alive! My trip in Italy was an amazing experience but I am glad to be back home and share my experiences with you. Don't worry, I haven't abandoned you my lovely readers! Traveling for two and a half weeks was quiet tiring but I am glad I had the courage to do it on my own. Actually for me traveling alone is the best decision I have ever taken...I can do whatever I want and change my plans 100 times without annoying somebody else!

So back to the trip now! I visited four cities in those two weeks which were: Rome, Florence, Milan and Bergamo. On my first six days in Rome I used couch surfing which turned out to be not too bad. My host had made some pasta when I arrived and luckily he knew everything ( and by that I mean everything! ) about Roman history so he took me and the other girl he was hosting out and showed us all the nice places and explained the history behind everything. It was very interesting I must say!
On my first night in ROMA! Fontana di Trevi
 (Me wearing a very strange outfit...ugh)
The next day me and the other girl went to the Vatican museum...which was HUGE! It took us hours to visit the whole thing!
 I wasn't allowed to take a picture of that, but as a stupid could I know?? I was quick enough so hopefully nobody noticed hehe
  After walking for hours around Rome here is a thing to have in mind:
 Take good walking shoes with you!
More to come soon!


  1. I was sure you would have a good experience of traveling alone and luckily I was right! It has the advantage of freedom and the second advantage is that it's easier to meet people when you are alone. Did you feel it was like that?

    1. That's exactly how I felt! You were right and it is so much easier that way I must admit! :)I met tons of people that I wouldn't have probably met if I had traveled with a friend.