Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Florence part 2

On my previous post I got a comment asking about the handsome young man on the last picture! He is actually a Greek friend who is studying in Florence and for those who are interested he is single ;) ( he is going to kill me if he sees what I am writing about him buahahah ) Oh well, back to Florence once again!! As I said I went to the tours the hostel was organizing and these pictures are from the second tour I went. When it was finished I went to a few museums with a girl from Argentina and a guy from Chile...both of them were very, very nice even though their Spanish was too difficult for me to understand sometimes hihi :) As the weather was a bit rainy it was the perfect oportunity to visit  museums and by the way I went to see the statue of David as well! Wau...that's all I am going to say about it! For sure it was worth waiting in line...but I wasn't allowed to take a picture, MAH! :(

 Duomooo again...
One of the many chapels we saw. I am sorry but I never remember the names of them iiih
That guy (in the red) knew the whole book by heart! Felipe ( in the blue ) started reading a line and the guy would continue. I was impressed...I have the memory of a goldfish and something like that would just simply be impossible for me. That's why I could never be an actress :D
 Somebody had been partying hard :O
 For the loverrrrrrs
And my dear friend from Chile, Felipe! :) He is just the sweetest guy ever!
Petra from Germany! We ended up going to Milan the same day and staying at the same hostel which was awesome :)

 As you can see I met tons of people in Florence and I don't even have a picture of all of them! That is my favourite part about traveling, meeting new people.
While I was there I wanted to go to Siena and Pisa, but the weather was terrible and also I couldn't get out of bed for a couple of days because I was sick, so my plans changed but that's life! Planning your trips too much can be a disaster sometimes. In the end life is full of surprises! (that comes from a person who hates surprises eheh )