Friday, March 22, 2013


Ciao ragazzi!

Here comes the end of my trip in Italy! I hope you have enjoyed my posts so far :) I surely had a fun time remembering and writing about the things I got to experience. It was a fun journey and I got to see so so many new things and eat so so great food and meet even greater people! I overcame my fear of traveling on my own and I must say that I enjoyed it more than I imagined :)

But still one last stop left: Bergamo! Also one of my favourite cities in Italy after Florence ;)
It was a small city but I could easily imagine myself living there! It wasn't magnificent like Rome but it was cute :) me liked it very very much and it was so colourful compared to the other cities!
 You should always have a good book with you when you are traveling! I got one in Rome "A Passionate Love Affair With a Total Stranger" which was quite funny, but still a silly romantic novel for girls only. The second one I bought in Bergamo but it was so boring that I couldn't even finish it...blaaaah! I just hate leaving books without finishing them but it was too boring for me.
And the next morning surprise surprise...RAIN! I was extremely pissed off because 1) I had woken up early early in the morning (and I am not a morning person) to start my day by exploring the city and 2) I realized that I had to stay in the hotel till the rain would stop argh!
In the end I decided to wait and fortunately after a couple of hours the rain stopped just a bit. Wohooo!
I walked all the way up to Citta alta, with the rain hitting on my face and my shoes getting wet on every single step...that was a good day for me. The view though was absolutely stunning. If the weather had been better I would have enjoyed it even more :)
 Later on I decided to have my last Italian meal! I don't know if this is just a creepy thing I have but for a long time now I have always avoided going to restaurants on my own. To be exact it is one of the things that I am afraid of...I admit it! I don't simply hate it, I am afraid of going to restaurants on my own. But once I was forced to do it because I was hungry I decided to go for it and it wasn't that bad after all. I had the best carbonara ever and for desert tiramisuuuu...yummyyy! In one day I ate the amount of calories I need for a week but who cares! :D
In the end I found myself talking a bit in Italian with the owner of the restaurant. Probably normal things like grazie mille, molto bene and arrivederci haha. I could understand so many thing but I couldn't speak italian...what a strange feeling! Anyway maybe italian will be my number five on my list of languages...who knows! Right now I have to focus on improving my Spanish which has been going very bad lately iiiih ¡¡que mal!!
Anyhow...the next day I had to catch my flight and be at the airport at 4 o'clock in the morning. Actually, I almost lost my flight because I was daydreaming ( I don't know what the hell I was thinking ) but in the end I ran to the last call for my flight and everything was good again! I just got a small heart attack at that point but nothing too serious heh :)
Without realizing it I was back home again. It felt good but strange at the same time. Going back to the old routine takes some adapting but I won't need to adapt for too long. In one week exactly I will be heading toooooo SPAIN! I know I am obsessed with Spain but I have missed it so much that I have to go back again. This time I will be going to Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Seville and maybe Cordoba, but we will see. YEAH I AM EXCITED!
I'm leaving you with a song ;)

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