Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rome part 2

Hello there!

I will be posting every day something new about my trip so stay tuned! I have so many pictures from Italy that I thought it would be better to write different posts than try to fit them all in one  :)

So on my third day in Rome me and my new friend that were staying at the same place visited the magnificent Colosseum! Coming all the way to Rome without seeing it would have been a crime hehe. Even though we had to wait quite a while to get in but it was worth waiting! Besides when you have good company time flies :)
 It was a sunny day...sorry about the bad quality of the pictures :/
My little discovery! Greek people always have to leave some kind of mark behind wherever they go :D 
 Now this is what I found quite fascinating! A picture of what people were doing during the battles. Just take a good look...people fighting, other playing, women fixing their hair and one guy doing some kind of barbeque! I must say that there was much more going on off-stage than on-stage :D
 With the same ticket we got to enter the palatine hill which again took us hours to see but it was beautiful! :) 
 Me! hihi
After that we wondered around Rome and basically got lost, but we found this beautiful garden on the way :) The best way to get to know a city is just walking around without knowing where you are going!
Some yummyyyy!! You can never have too many :D

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