Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rome part 4

Hello there!
To be continued...I know that there are many posts about Rome but I have no choice!
Rome felt like a big museum itself. So many things to see and too little time to visit everything!  
 The famous Spanish steps! To be honest I was quite disappointed. I guess I was expecting something really magnificent but they were just normal steps. I don't know why people make such a big fuss about them! 

This was at piazza Venezia. I don't remember the name of the building, but my host used to call it the wedding cake because it was so white and big haha. Can't say he was wrong about that :)
 As you might have noticed already I have a thing about ceilings...I love photographing them. They were just too beautiful!
 In case you were wondering where the pope gets his clothes from! :D
 Of course I visited the PANTHEON! I couldn't have missed that! It was huge and expected but in reality it was even bigger than I imagined!
A sweet ending for today's post!  As I said on the previous one I ate a lot in Italy. Besides you cannot go there without trying the best ice just can't! ;)

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