Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Florence part 3

Ciao ciao!

Once again here we are with Florence! For my last days I stayed with a host through couch surfing and I must say it was the best experience ever! Clara and her family were so nice that I wish I had stayed longer with them. Plus they had the cutest dog ever hehe! :)

I wish I had more energy to do things with Clara but as I had been sick I couldn't do much. On women's day every museum in Florence was free for women so we went to Santa Maria Novella and after that we walked around a bit. Also at some point Clara really had to show me something and we ended up in Hard Rock Cafe just to see the cool toilets they had...they were actually pretty awesome! ;)
 There she is! Claraaaa! :D
She has a strange way to pose for pictures hihi :)
 We look goooood! When you start taking pictures like this one it means that it is bed time ;) Actually the mouth opens came because one time I was photographing something and I was yawning at the same time. Since then Clara has been making fun of must have looked quite funny hehe :)
Here trying desperately to dry my shoes with a hairdryer...It worked quite well I must say! ;)
Unfortunately the next day I left for Milan and we got to spend only one whole day with Clara but I am sure we will meet again! I liked Florence that much that I would definitely go there again! :)


  1. I was expecting to see the toilets of the Hard Rock Cafe as well!