Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hello there!

My next stop after Florence was Milan! I didn't stay there for too long though...just one day and a half to be exact! After being so sick in Florence I decided to have my first proper meal and get some PIZZA! As I said two girls that I met in Florence Heidi and Petra decided to go to Milan as well so I had company with me :) I also met some new people at the hostel and together we went out.
I was quite surprised of how many people and especially women were traveling alone! I thought I was some kind of exception but gladly I wasn't the only one!

My overall impression about Milan wasn't too bad, but it didn't have many things to see to be honest. It would have been a great place for shopping though! But no money no honey, so I prefered to invest my money on food and I don't regret it! :D
 I was so jealous of her pizza...I just got a round one! Mah...

Heidiii! :)

 Another duomo
Sara from Mexicoo! :) Such a sweetheart!
 This is where I shop! So cheap as well ;)
Soon I had to pack my stuff (again!) and go to my next destination which was Bergamo! ( I don't look tired at all here!hih )
I became an expert on fitting all my things in that bag hehe


  1. It seems you know to enjoy your life: the other girls have on the other side of the table a girl and are drinking water, you seem to have a cute guy with a bottle of wine...

    1. Haha exactly! Life is too short, you need to enjoy it in the best way possible hihiii :D