Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fifty Shades of Grey

Hello there!

In about five days I will be heading to Spain and I haven't done any kind of preparation for my trip! Maybe some laundry would be good to be done before leaving, heh. Oh well, one thing at a time! I don't want to stress too much, besides I am going there for holidays!

But enough about that...let's talk about books! I must admit that I have been really bad on reading books lately. Maybe it's because I haven't found a good book to read and then I end up reading some trashy novels...ugh! This time as well I ended up reading something that I would never ever ever read!
Well, from the picture it's pretty obvious what I have been reading lately...Fifty Shades of Grey. Everybody has been making such a big fuss about that book and so many women have absolutely loved it and others have hated it. So as you can guess my curiosity hit and after a lot of thinking I decided to give it a try. I wanted to have my own opinion about the book. be honest I haven't finished reading it yet and I am not quite sure if I really want to keep on reading it. I was laughing so hard when one of my Greek friends told me " Stop reading it! It's a book straight from hell!". Of course she had read it and she knew what she was talking about. Maybe being too curious can harm you sometimes? Egh...I don't know!

I knew it was a sex book so I wasn't too shocked about that, BUT who would ever want to write a book like that? And even worse...why would the author write not just one book but a series of three!?? Oh wait...they are even thinking to make a movie as well if they haven't done so already!!

This book just gives the wrong picture to people. A story of a young, handsome, always-good-smelling, billionare guy (Mr Grey) who meets a normal girl (Ana) and wants to make a contract with her so that she would become his sex slave for three months. I mean come on! First of all there is no such thing as good looking, young and billionare...those three words just don't match. Old, ugly and billionare yes.
I know this is a book and it's not even trying to be realistic otherwise it wouldn't be able to sell all these millions of copies. I guess what I worry about is the effect this does to human mind. I don't know how the book ends so maybe there is some kind of surprise in the end but ugh...I have had enough of it already.

I am glad I didn't need to spend money on that! Obviously there are people who have liked it otherwise it wouldn't be a bestseller but for my taste it is just going too far with the details. But that's just my opinion!

If you have read it I woul be glad to know your opinion about it!



  1. I read half of the book just out of curiosity, but at some point I got fed up and didn't want to continue. It's actually just cheap kind of soft porno at the level of Harlekin-books and I really can't understand all the fuss about it.

    I think we should be worried about the fact that this kind of book became a worldwide bestseller. I really can't see why.

    1. I don't understand the big fuss either. It's so sad that these kind of books become best sellers.