Saturday, March 30, 2013

Safe in Barcelona


Actually now that I have the tablet I thought I would give a try and write a short post about my adventures here!

So far everything has been good! The weather was lovely today ( no rain so far...yey!) and I got to meet up with my dear friend Manuela. Its a pity that most of the people I met here have already left but thats life! I am so excited to go for salsa again in a proper salsa club and get these hips moving! I have probably forgotten everything so far but we will test it tonight and see what happens.

Last night I had an interesting adventure with finding my hostel. Plus I had to wait a long time to get my bag at the airport and by the time I arrived I was dead. Fortunately I met this nice couple from Uruguay and I chatted with them for a while at the bus as I was going to the city center. In the end I found my hostel( had to take a taxi) and chatted with two guys who are staying at the same room with me.

So far so good!! More to come soon :)

ps. I really need to get used to this stupid touch screen! 


  1. Me ajateltiin ensi vuonna lähteä Teon kanssa Barcelonaan! Joten innolla odotan lisää infoa ;)

    - Kirsi

    1. Yritän laittaa lisää infoa ja jos haluat voit chekata life in barcelona oikealta ylhäällä! Laittelen kuvia kun tuum takas reissusta :-)