Monday, March 18, 2013

Florence part 1


After staying for six days in Rome I went to my next stop which was Florence! I must say that it was one of my favourite cities in Italy! Even though I liked Rome I think it was too overwhelming for me. When I arrived to the hostel in Florence I felt quite lonely as there was nobody in the room when I got there. I went around the city by myself and when I went back it turned out I was staying in the same room with a Greek girl! She was such a fun person and I met so many people through her :)
 I also went to one of the tours the hostel was organizing. This little window used to serve for buying wine. People would give the money and they would get the wine they ordered from the little whole on the wall or something like that. On the top they could see at what time it was open! Interesting...I hope it's true otherwise I will feel a total idiot if I am giving you wrong information!
 That was the best ice cream I had in Italy! Chocolate and mascarpone so yummmmyyy!
I was lucky enough to have at least one sunny day in Florence because the rest of the week it didn't stop raining...just my luck! :D



  1. You are talking about a Greek girl, but we see you with a handsome Italian guy -where did you pick him up? No mention anywhere!

    1. Hahahaha I was laughing so hard with your comment! He is actually Greek and he is one of my best friends who studies in Florence :) I guess I forgot to write about him...hupsy!