Friday, May 11, 2012

Nice and tidy

Hei vaan kaikille! :)

I write all the time in English so I thought I would say hi in Finnish this time. Today I worked my ass off and still there are so many things that need to be done. My day started at work as usual and then I came home and cleaned up the whole place. The first thing that I had on my list was to clean up my wardrobe oh yes!
Now I can actually close the doors of my closet, yey! I also had to get rid off some old clothes which was really hard for me to do because I get so attached with my things, but I am happy that there is more room for new clothes hehe!Also I washed the dishes, cooked, had the laundry done and stuff like that. Tomorrow I just have to vacuum and change the sheets! I feel like a little housewife... noooo I am too young for that! :P
Actually now that I said housewife I remember looking at my birthday pictures one day and in one picture particularly I look like a housewife from the fifties showing off my new kitchen equipment hehe... What do you think? (okay they didn't have microwaves back then..hups! )
 I love the fifties which was my theme on my birthday. I had never been to a theme party and I thought it would be fun and we were all dressed up which was even more fun! :) Probably the best birthday I have had!

From one thing to another...yesterday I called my headmaster to get the results from the exams I had in March and I am going to graduate this year...which means I PASSED MY EXAMS! WOHOOO! :D:D
So the graduation party is going to be in June and I haven't done a thing about it so I guess I should start getting ready for the big day! :)
At least I won't have to think about the dress as I have it already...but you will get to see it when I post pictures from my graduation party ;)

I guess that's it for tonight! I have to wake up early and go to work...yey!
Have a great weekend the rest of you who don't work :):)



  1. You look fantastic with your fifties-style!