Monday, May 7, 2012

Tiramisu per favore!

Ciao bambini!  

Sooooo a month ago I sent a message to this Italian school in Florence that teaches photography and finally I got an answer from them and I'm just more than happy that there is no entrance exam...the only thing that I need to do is learn Italian and do the paper work. Tomorrow I will probably go ask this Social Insurance Istitution (or KELA in Finnish) what kind of paperwork I need to do and how much the Finnish goverment is going to pay for my studies abroad and all that boring stuff. I will keep looking for other places in Italy, but this one sounds pretty good...but we will see how that goes :) I just can't hide my excitement...sorry!

After I read that message I wanted to make tiramisu just to cheer up my mood a little bit more! So here is my version of the recipe. I remember asking my friend who lives in Italy how to make it and when I told him that I don't have the machine to make espresso he said "you can't make tiramisu if you don't have espresso!".
Oh well...I made it anyways buahaha
This is what you are going to need:


500gr mascarpone
5  eggs
200 gr Savoiardi ( some kind of biscuits I suppose )
1 dl sugar
0,5 dl disaronno  
espresso of course! ( Okay, I just used instant espresso that I found from the store )
cocoa powder

First make the espresso so that it cooles down a bit by the time you start making the tiramisu. In 2 dl of boiled water add the espresso instant coffee and the 0,5 dl of disaronno.

Whip the egg whites. In another bowl whip the yok with the sugar and add the mascarpone. When you have done that add the egg white to the second mixture. 

Voilà! Your mixture should be ready! If you want you can leave it in the fridge for a while or not :P
Personally I just started making it right away.

Dip each Savoiardi biscuit  in the espresso for two seconds ( one second per side )
and put them on the plate side by side. Put a layer of the mascarpone mixture and sieve a bit of cocoa powder on the top (I have to admit that I messed up with the cocoa powder). Do the same thing and put a second layer of savoiardi and cream. Leave it in the fridge for a night or at least 5 to 6 hours.

So this is my version of tiramisu! Hope you understood my instructions...I'm not very good at explaining, but the pictures might help :)
Grazie mille e buona notte!



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    1. Thanks! Even though nothing is sure yet...I was thinking to enroll in 2013, this year I will just relaaaaax :)

  2. Relax is useful...

  3. I always manage to inhale the cocoa-powder on top of tiramisu and almost get suffocated...Your tiramisu looks very good and I may try to make it since I even have Disaronno-liqueur. The rest of the stuff can be easily found from the nearest market, I suppose.

    1. Haha I know what you mean, that happened to me as well with the cocoa powder! I am sure you can find the rest from the market...or at least I hope you do :)