Sunday, May 20, 2012

One step at a time


Today is my name day! I almost forgot about it, but it's good that I own a calendar. I had an awesome time with my dear friend Essi and finally I bought my ylioppilaslakki for my graduation...isn't it gorgeous? :D It looks like a sailor's hat, I'm in love with it! hehe

I am so nervous and excited the same time for this big event! This is the end of school and 13 years of torture. Okay, I have to admit that school in Finland was awesome! I loved going to school here because most of the teacher's were really nice and I don't know why Finnish students complain about everything, but I guess they haven't seen how schools are in Greece! This year has been the best so far and I really feel good that I made the decision to move to Finland and finish high school here. I will never regret this decision even though I went through some rough times at the beginning, but that's life! You have to take risks and see what happens...if you are too afraid to do anything then you are just playing safe all the time. To be honest I used to hate Finland when I first moved here, but now for the first time I am happy to be here and just take it easy. I am a big dreamer and I live in my own little world sometimes...all this time I have wanted for time to pass by fast so I can move to Spain and do something different, but that's not the right way to live your life. You have to enjoy this day, this moment, this minute...not live in the future. It is good to make plans, but sometimes those plans take over and you end up hating the life you live now...or at least that's what happened to me. 

Enough of my big speach! Here are some pictures that I took today. The weather has been so great and the temperature is getting warmer and warmer every day wohoo! :D Everyhing is so green and fresh again...ahhh! :)

Have a great day! :)