Friday, May 4, 2012


¡Hola a todos!

 Lately I have been reading this book called Maktub by Paulo Coelho in SPANISH! I have put my best efford to understand everything written in this book and I have to say that I understand 70% of what I am reading which is a huge deal for me! That means that I have actually learned something at my Spanish lessons :) Cool! (as our exchange student from Arizona used to say)

This book contains small stories about important things in life and the author's thoughts. It is really easy to read and some of the stories have really good meanings. I usually don't like to read books that I have to think their meanings, but this one is pretty interesting....let's put it that way :P

As I was reading it yesterday there was one story that for some strange reason made me think about it twice. So I thought I would share it with you. This is the spanish version.

 La vida no es pedir ni dar consejos. Si necesitamos ayuda, es
 mejor ver cómo los demás resuelven, o no, sus problemas. Nuestro ángel
 está siempre presente, y muchas veces usa los labios de alguien para
 decirnos algo. Pero esta respuesta nos viene de manera casual, generalmente
 cuando, a pesar de estar atentos, no dejamos que nuestras preocupaciones
 turben en milagro de la vida. Dejemos que nuestro ángel hable de la manera
 en que está acostumbrado, cuando crea que es necesario.
 Dice el maestro:
Los consejos son la teoría de la vida; la práctica, en general, es muy diferente.

This is my translation of the previous I don't know if it is exactly correct, but I will give it a try! :) If you speak better Spanish than I do please be understanding...

Life is not about asking or giving advices. If we need help, it is better to
 see how others solve, or not, their problems. Our angel is always present and many
 times it uses someone else's lips to tell us something. But the answer comes
 to us by chance, usually when, despite of being aware, we don't let our worries 
confuse the miracle of life. We let our angel
 to speak in a costumary way, when we think it is necessary.
The teacher says:
Advices are the theory of life; practice, in general, is very different.

One part was hard to translate...anyway hope you got an idea of the whole text. Some things I understand about it and others not so much. I guess what it tries to say is that giving advices is the easy part, but putting them into action is a whole different story...something like that??

Anyway...too much thinking for tonight! Here is a song for you! I haven't seen the movie midnight in Paris, but I think I might do that soon. :)



  1. You can be proud of yourself, not so many can make a translation from one language to another, when neither one of them is not your mother-tong!