Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vappu!! :D

Hello, hello!

So yesterday was the first of May and me and my friends celebrated it in our own way. We cycled around Kotka and ate some really good ice cream, nam! The weather was perffect nice and sunny :) It got a bit windy at some point but it didn't bother us that much. I have to admit that there weren't many people in Kotka which sucked...I thought it would be a big thing here as it was in Helsinki or Tampere...but nope...dead silent :( oh well...things are different in smaller cities.

Today I called to this school to learn how to drive :P I don't know what they are called in english...driving schools? No...anyway doesn't matter! The only problem about this whole thing is that the lessons are the same time I! I just have to organize my schedule and see what happens.

Here are some pictures from yesterday! :) I hope you had a fun day as well!

 Have a good May or καλό μήνα as we say in greek!



  1. Καλό μήνα and good luck with your driving lessons!E

  2. And nice pictures by the way!