Saturday, September 1, 2012

Are you serious? Yes I'm serious!

Hey there!

These past few days have been a bit crazy! I was so excited that at work there was this Greek couple that came to my cash desk today. It is always fun to see people's expressions when I talk to them in Greek, because I don't look Greek. They were like..."are you serious?" and I was like... "Yes I am serious!". I couldn't talk with them for too long but after a short chat we found out that we were from the same city! Like we say in Greece, τυχαίο; δε νομίζω! (= coincidence? I don't think so! )

I am so glad that these days have been busy! Tomorrow I am going to paint some walls and I was thinking to make some apple jam as well. I have never made jam in my life so why not give it a try? Also I have to study for my driving license...pffff! I really hope I get it! By the end of this month I want this to be over! :) I have been studying really hard in my opinion hihi :)

Last thing before I end this post! I have to share this video of the Guinnes record that happened in my hometown in Volos. When the crisis hits in Greece we DANCE! :D



  1. Oppaa... kun musa alkoi soida, mulla alkoi valua kyyneleet. Kreikka ollut paljon mielessä viime aikoina. Kiva tää blogi muuten sulla. Ekaa kertaa kunnolla selailin tätä. Katri

    1. Kiitos! Kiva kun tykkäät :) Tekis kyl hirveest mieli mennä kreikkaan taas!