Monday, September 24, 2012


Hello there!
These past few weeks have been so  busy! The weekend I got to relax a bit, meet my friends and eat really good food, nam! My relaxing time didn't last for too long though because today I started packing my things into boxes and emptying all my closets...blaaaah! You can't imagine how boring that is...I just wish somebody could do it for me :P
It just feels weird that for the first time in my life my final destination isn't Greece nor Finland, but a place that I have never visited before. If I wasn't this tired of all the working and packing I would be  losing my mind right now, but instead I am pretty calm.
So to give you a small taste of what I have been doing today!
This is before I started packing...

And this is after I finished packing most of my things. For some strange reason my room got a lot messier than it was at first, is that even possible? I guess it is... -_-

I am trying to get organized, but I am not doing very well. I must say that I am not this messy usually! I need someone like Monica Geller to organize this place a bit...
I guess I will have to face this tomorrow, my battery is running low now!

Goodnight dudes!

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