Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hislop mania

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I haven't written a post about books for a while now. Mainly because I haven't read many books this summer! Lately I have been crazy about Victoria Hislop's novels. I have read three so far and all of them were really good in my opinion. Here are two of them The Return and The Thread (click here for The Island).

The Return                                                                                         It starts with the story of Sonia Cameron who goes to Granada with her friend for dance lessons. Through her short visit there one day she starts a conversation with the owner of a small cafe. When she returns to England after her trip she decides to go back to visit the owner of the cafe and learn a bit more about the history of Granada. The owner takes her back 70 years ago when the Civil War of Spain started and Franco with his army shattered the country's peace. As it turns out there are many things that Sonia didn't know and she is close on finding the truth about her mother's past.
The  Thread                                                                  The story takes place in Thessaloniki, Greece where Dimitris Komninos was born in 1917. Five years later the author takes us to the story of young Katerina who is forced to escape from Smyrna in Asia Minor with her mom after the Turkish army destroys the place they used to call home. After losing her mother in the chaos Katerina is sent to Thessaloniki with Eugenia who decides to take care of her and treat her like her own daughter. After her arrival in Thessaloniki Katerina and Dimitris get to experience many ups and downs but nothing can make them leave from Thessaloniki, a place they both love very much. I finished reading this a few days ago and I must say that the first 50 pages were quite boring but the rest 550 pages are full of action so don't give up reading! :)
I have no idea why Victoria Hislop decided to give these short titles to her books but who cares! I totally recommend you read her novels :)
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