Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Just another busy day

Hey there!

Today was the big day! I had my theory test and I passed it, that's right! I PASSED! You can't imagine how relieved I was to see on the screen "your test has been admitted". Next week I have the driving test, but I am not too nervous about it.

Then I spent most of my day at the center and ran some errands. My usual boringliferoutine....blaaaah. I had to go to the library again and get something "new" to cheer me up. I never have any intentions of getting anything from there but as always I couldn't resist. This is what I ended up taking with me. No wonder why my bag got so heavy at the end of the day...

I always have this thing that I watch a movie and a great song comes along and the next day I never remember the name of the song. That's why I like to borrow music from the library! Also now that my theory test is over I am free to read whatever I like (yey!). I have no idea why I got the recipe book...I might make muffins next week, but that's a big maybe! The more I bake the bigger I get, hups! Then you wake up in ten years and you wonder where did all this weight come from -_-

But the day is not over yet, I have lot's of cleaning to do wohoo! How I love these days...not! Complaining about it won't help so I really have to do this like now or maybe it could wait five minutes...okay I'm going!



  1. Congrats for your theory-test! The driving is not that bad, at least I felt so.