Monday, September 10, 2012



The weekend was so much fun and I must say that I was a bit sad to come back. Helsinki is a lot different than Kotka. There are so many places to go and different things to do. Even the people  there seem to be different! I wish I could move to Helsinki for one year and see how it's like living in a larger city in Finland. Who knows...maybe that will happen some day :)

I am glad I saw my brother and my sister after a long time. At times I wish I could have my family in one city. Now that my parents live in Greece, my sister in Helsinki and my brother in Tampere we are all over the place. It is important to cherish those few times that we are all together I guess.

So to start with the pictures....

   We went to this shopping center a bit furhter from the center that had all sorts of fun things. Those cakes looked so yummy!

 Beautiful garden
Random pictures from Helsinki
Then I met my friend Jura and for the first time in my life I had frozen yogurt with pineapple, strawberries and white likes!
 After sitting and talking Jura noticed this cloud. It lookes like a mouth where steams comes out of it :P
Then we went for some shopping with Nadia! I had no intentions of buying anything but then I got so excited that they had shoes my size! It is so hard to find shoes number 35!
  This weekend definitely cheered me up, it couldn't have been any better! :) Now I am back to work but I have only a few weeks left so that's not too bad!
Have a nice week! Life is good :)


  1. Helsinki is O.K. TAMPERE RULES! Try Mance you won't be dissapointed.

  2. You buy those beautiful shoes, but end up wearing the same flat-ones...

  3. Your shoes are AMAZING!!!Loved them..el