Saturday, August 18, 2012

Call it what you want


I can't believe it's Saturday already...time flies! These past few days have been a bit crazy because I had a problem with my application to get a job in Spain, but now everything is going well (yey!). All this has been driving me nuts, but I hope everything turns out gooood. Of course it is a bit nerve racking trying to find a job in Spain from here, I mean it sounds a bit crazy, but I am glad I found this organization that does it for me so all I need to do is send them the paperwork to start the process.

I must say that I am really terrified of how things will turn out, but why should I worry for something that hasn't even happened yet? I want this to be a good experience, but there is no need to get stressed over it. Over the years I have learned that getting worried for things that might happen in the future is a bit useless, but for some strange reason I keep doing it ugh -_-

I don't know if I am more stressed or anxious...maybe both? I don't know, call it what you want ;)

Today I finish my post with a song :D (weirdest music video ever)


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