Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Communication is the key


What's up dudes?! My "relationship" with my blog has been a bit on and off. Today I am back with more things to write about... I will keep the recipes behind for a while because I am gonna start a healthy lifestyle now. We have a small problem with obesity in my family so I need to be extra carefull with these things.

Today was my first driving lesson and I didn't kill anybody...what a relief! Also for a few months I will have to live on my own because my mom and my sister went back to Greece. Maybe I will survive these two months that I have left here in Finland. Also I booked the language school in Barcelona and now I am looking for a job in the same city which is going to be a bit more challenging.

What I really want to write about today is relationships in general. Yesterday I had a bit of drama with a friend of mine. I am not going to get into details because that wouldn't be fair for anybody. I just want to write about my experiences so far and what is the best way to communicate with people. It is well known that in order to have a good relationship with somebody ( either it is your boy/girlfriend or just a friend or a member of your family ) you need to put a lot of efford to make it work. As always communication is the key. If you have something that bothers you don't keep it inside you. When somebody's behaviour bothers you talk about it with the person itself. If you find talking difficult then write a letter. Some people say that a letter is not a good idea, but I must say that I disagree. Writing it down gives you time to think about it more carefully and the person who is going to read it might understand better what you are trying to say. Usually when we fight we tend to say things that we don't mean and most of the times it gets out of control. It is important to talk about those issues when you are both calm and you can actually listen to each other. Also blaming the other person isn't the right way to approach things. It is better to say how you feel and what kind of changes you need to make together in order to make things easier for the future. We can never blame one person for everything. ( okay maybe that depends on the situation I guess :P )

Don't worry I am almost done! I just want to empasize that this is just my personal opinion,
there are still many things that I need to learn! I am glad that me and my friend cleared things out. These kind of situations come and go.

That was my lesson of the day. Have a nice day! :)


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