Sunday, August 5, 2012

More thoughts

Hey there!

Today I am going to start my post with a question, does it ever happen to you that you promise to yourself you will start making small changes in your life but you end up doing nothing? Well that's what happened to me. I remember I promised to myself I would make this summer special in a way and start doing exciting things, but all I have been doing is sitting home and watching telly and the only person I should blame about that is me! Okay...I must say that I have been trying, I mean it's a big step for me to even start driving lessons and I have also managed to organize my trip to Spain.

My biggest concern so far has been money and I have been trying to save every penny which has affected my time here. I even cut my own hair because it is so damn expensive here ( must say that I did a pretty good job :P ). When I didn't need to worry about money I would travel all the time and go to different places in Finland, but now things are different. I am not complaining though because I have a job and I have learned so many things. I am more careful with money and I have learned to spend it wisely. Yeah my life might have been a bit boring the past few months, but I have been waiting for my trip to Spain for two years and now that I know that it's only two months away it's like HELL YEAH I am really going and nothing can stop me!

These two years I have learned that if you really want something that bad you will have to wait and work really hard to get it. Sometimes I have this thing that I want everything now and I must say that I hate that about myself. You can't have the great career and your own big house by the age of twenty. Even nowdays I see that I want to travel as much as possible but I haven't realized that a) I don't have enough money to do that and b) One year isn't enough. On the other hand I want to study something next year but on the other hand I want to travel...I want it all! Silly me...

I know I have been driving you crazy with my long texts these pasts few days. I hate reading long texts but I don't mind writing them :P

Have a great week guys!
Here is a random video that I found. They are not bad...check it out ;)


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