Thursday, May 16, 2013

Budapest part 2

Well hello there!

Once again I am going to share a few more pictures of our little trip in Budapest! I must say that the weather was absolutely amazing. The funny thing is that we were all expecting cold and rainy weather but I guess you should never trust the weather forecast! Oh the amount of sweat in those warm jeans...but I am not gonna get into more details about that heh

 I got myself a small gift!
 Trying to get rid of the hiccup
 Food...yummy!! In the evening we had this typical Hungarian meal...falafel! haha Don't worry we did actually try some Hungarian food as well, but it was too expensive to eat at a restaurant every day.
 After our big falafel meal me and Denise went for a night walk! I love exploring a new city at night time as everything looks a lot more different.
 My Hungarian boyfriend <3 love at first sight!
Somebody told me that this was one of the five most expensive hotels in the world! One night could cost about 4000 cheap! I will probably stay there the next time I visit Budapest :P