Monday, March 10, 2014


I am still alive! I used bla bla car for the first time and it wasnt so bad. If we dont count the dog that puked in the car (yes, there was a dog) and the smelly girl next to me, it was alright. At least I saved 30 euros so I cant complain. I was expecting it to be more like a normal car but in the end it was like a mini van that could fit 10 people inside and there was 9 people sharing a ride. Definitely an interesting experience!

But now Im gonna go back to my last days in Berlin! My french host Mathieu was really great and on my last night at his place we went out to some oriental/jazz bar with another french couple and we were the only ones who were dancing in there, but it was cool. The next day I went to stay with Anni and her boyfriend Jascha from couch surfing for another two days. They were really nice and I had a great time staying with them. Anni took me to her friends place were they were having a barbeque on the balcony which normally would fit three people but we squeezed in six which was pretty cozy after all. Got to hear some funny travelling stories that night! On Saturday I also got to meet up with Nathalie that I met in Barcelona two years ago. We walked in the parks, enjoyed the hot sun, found a street market and I bought really nice earings for ten euros (me happy). In the evening I was with Anni and Jascha preparing a banoffee pie as they were having people coming and Anni cooked some really good spicy food. It was a nice relaxing evening and I got to meet some more people which was nice :)

Yesterday I had to wake up early and pack my things again as I had to meet up with the driver at some really random place which I couldnt find. In the end he found me and the adventure began...okay, it wasnt that big of an adventure. I fell asleep mostly for the whole ride and then met my other host Ruziel from Israel once I arrivedmin Cologne. We cooked...I mean he cooked and I tried to help him out somehow. I asked him everything about Israel and drove him crazy with all my questions about Jewish religion, but he was nice and patient with me. He also loves Greek music and told me that in Israel they listen to many Greek songs which is a bit strange and surprising actually. Then we went to have a walk around in the night life of cologne which was pretty empty since it was Sunday, but the view was really beautiful from the other side of the river.

Today I am planning to explore the city a bit and maybe visit some museum!


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