Saturday, March 22, 2014


 I am in Paris now waiting for my friend Essi to arrive from Finland. Its so exciting to see her again after all these months! I will have someone to be a tourist with for the next five days, yey! Girly time with my good friend in thing is for sure, we are gonna spend a lot of money!

Going back to my last day in Brussels, I decided to do a small trip to Brugge because everybody was saying so many good things about it. I didnt get lost this time but it did take me a while to find the train station. Gladly it was a beautiful day even though it was windy. The day before I had made the big mistake to wear a skirt and I ended up walking like a penguin to hold it down...sometimes the wind was too strong and people got to enjoy my beautiful butt, thats life! In Brugge I wore jeans to avoid embarassing moments and I really enjoyed my little trip walking around and taking pictures. It was such a beautiful city, even though it was quite small (maybe thats the reason why I didnt get lost this time). I also bought some macaroons and belgian pralines and I was happy!

In the evening, I arrived to my hosts place and for my last night we talked and watched a movie. Didnt feel like doing much and I was really exhausted from walking again so many hours. In the morning I packed my stuff and my bla bla car was waiting for me at the station for Paris! All the people in the car were speaking in French for the whole ride so I cant say I enjoyed that, but at least they brought me to the right place so I cant complain.

I dont know what is todays plan, but I am sure we will find something to  do ;)


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