Sunday, March 30, 2014

Living the French way

Bonjour! I am in Bordeaux now, but I am leaving for San Sebastian today!

Coming here by bus on Thursday was not so great as the busride took more than nine hours to get here. I also had this woman sitting next to me and talking to me in French all the time. It would have been nice to have a conversation with her but I dont think she complitely understood that I had no idea what she was talking about, I was more like "Mmmm, aha, mmm!". Gladly the bus driver was from Salamanca so there were no communication problems with him at least! At some point I arrived to my hosts home too so I survived! Phew!
Luckily, my hosts have been really nice and I have been having a good time with them. They are seven in total + the cat! For some strange reason most of my hosts so far have had a cat, is this a sign? Probably not. Living in a house full of people has bee a cool experience!  I have also learned how to make kiss loren and I have been eating lots of cheese and wine. This country is a heaven for a cheese lover like me! On Friday they had friends coming so there was a party going on and the house was even more filled with people. In the end of the night the living room turned into a live concert as they all brought their guitars, drums and whatever insturment they could find and started playing. Yesterday as well they had some friends visiting Bordeaux and I spent the whole night with them trying to learn French. I can say I did pretty I know all the bad words in French mehehehe...

I have to mention also their cat because she is one of the rare cats I like and she constantly comes into my sleeping bag while I am sleeping. I keep waking up and I see her sleeping next to me. Either she likes me or the warmth of the sleeping bag, but I think its the second one.

Now I need to pack and get myself together. Once again I have become an expert on packing! One thing that I wont miss about travelling is the constant packing, thats for sure!

Au revoir!


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