Thursday, March 6, 2014

Too much to see

Hey there! I am still in this crazy city where it takes you an hour to get from one side of the city to the other (I mean Berlin for those who didnt understand). These couple of days I have been so busy doing random things and just walking around once again. I was so lucky to have my friend Nadja to show me around, otherwise I would have been lost way too many times. Just taking the metro here is a mess, but gladly now I have learned how to find my way, yey!

Also since Tuesday I have been staying with this French guy Mathieu who has been an awesome host and really fun company. Tomorrow though Im changing hosts again and Im going to stay with another girl who also seems nice! As I said on this trip Im planning to do a lot of couch surfing. So far it has been good but this is just the beginning. Also I am going to use bla bla car for the first time on Sunday as I am going to share a ride from Berlin to Cologne! Sounds interesting....lets see how it goes!

Now I need to find a host in Cologne and from there I am planning to visit my friend Maria in Zwaag which should be somewhere in Holland, close to Amsterdam. Cant wait to see her again! Little by little this trip is going somewhere :)

We also did some salsa dancing yesterday with Nadja and it was so much fun! Sweat flying all over the place but its salsa we are talking about. If you dont want to sweat then better stay home. Cant understand though these guys who go out wearing shorts when outside its 10 degrees, get some real pants dude! Its like finnish people when they see the sun they go out on the snow and sit outside wearing their swimmsuits...okay maybe Im exaggerating a little.

Either way, I have two days left here so I have to find something to do for these days which is not going to be a problem here since there are so many things to see!


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