Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Oh la la

Okay, I admit it....I went shopping today and it was crazy as expected. Why cant I control myself? WHY? Men wont understand my pain, but you women out there you can feel me, right?

I was determined not to buy anything but then things got complicated and the rest is history. Essi had to pull me out of the store in the end telling me "You have no self control" and I guess she is right! I am not ashamed though because I enjoyed my shopping therapy and I am happy. Now Essi will carry some of my stuff to Finland so I can make space in my backpack...what a nice friend am I, huh?

Either way yesterday we did walk a lot so shopping hasnt been the only thing we have been doing. We walked probably for four to five hours and finally got so sick of the rain and cold that we came back and did nothing for the rest of the day. Just bought some treats from the patisserie next to the hotel and rested and finally slept.

Today we are still going to check out Moulan Rouge and have a walk around eiffel tower by night! Maybe get something from the patisserie later on....thats a strong maybe!

Today is our last day in Paris and tomorrow we both continue our own ways. Essi is going back to Finland and I will continue my trip all the way to Bordeaux! Thats the plan for now at least!

Au revoir!


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