Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fun times in Amsterdam

Our day in Amsterdam with Maria and her friends was great! We got to walk around a bit and suddenly to my surprise we ended up in the red light district. Let me tell you something about innocent little brain was a bit shocked. I have seen pictures of it and I never really thought that I would be so shocked, but seeing it in reality was a bit of a sad moment for me. Either way, we didnt stay there for too long which was a relief for me.

One of the things that I love here though is that I cant get enough of all the canals and the bicycles. Its so easy to ride a bike because there are cycling lanes everywhere in the city. Why hasnt the rest of Europe done the same in their cities? Also all the little shops here look so nice! The bad thing about backpacking is that I cant buy many things because then I would have to carry it. I didnt go crazy with shopping but I did find a cute shirt in a vintage shop that I couldnt I bad!

Before going to Marias friends place to have dinner, we got jealous of some people having margaritas in a bar so we decided to go crazy and get some drinks. Okay, we didnt really go crazy but the margarita was pretty yummy! We also got some pie for five euros to take as a desert after dinner which at first we couldnt believe that it was only five euros for the whole the end the girl working there was like "YES, its only five euros! You want it?". For the price we paid it was pretty good!

When we went for dinner this tall dutch guy (that his name I cant pronounce, but everybody seemd to call him Heart nipples) had made really good pasta and they gave me, what seemed to me, the biggest plate full of pasta and sauce. I am still so proud of myself that I ate that huge amount by myself...after all it wasnt that difficult because it was delicious!

After all that food we went to a bar thirty minutes away with the bicycles. Gladly I got a ride with the dutch nipples guy with his bike and I got to focus on the beautiful Amsterdam by night and not getting hit by a car. The bar was good and we returned back around four o clock again riding with the bikes. We didnt return back to zwaag so we stayed with Marias friends for the night.

Good food, good company, good times! Amsterdam is a good place to visit ;)


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