Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Dutch way

  • people are reeeeally tall...I feel like a midget here!
  • dont use curtains (most of the time)
  • give three kisses instead of one or two
  • eat their fries with mayonaise or peanut sauce
  • cycle everywhere
  • have crooked houses or at least they look like they are gone fall any time soon
  • definitely love beer! ( Amstel & Heiniken, dah!)
  • like to chat
  • smoke a lot of weed (should have put that on top of the list)
  • food sucks ( sorry, but its true! )
  • cheese is great though
  • speak really good English
  • are really nice people
  • use a lot of wallpaper in their homes
  • have a tulip museum!? ( how much there is to say about tulips?)
  • not to mention the weed museum (?)
On Sunday I moved with my new hosts Geert ( the nipples guy) amd Daan. I definitely feel like a midget with them because they are 1.90 and I am 1.60. Everything feels so big in their house hehe.
Either way, yesterday I had a full day walking around, visiting Anna Franks museum and meeting up with Maria and her friends. We also met Brenda and Matan  through couch surfing and we all went out to an Irish pub to celebrate St. Patricks day. The bar was packed with people, but it was definitely a lot of fun meeting random people and starting a conversation with them. At some point I got hungry so Matan took me and Brenda to a really good falafel place. Once I got full it was time for a little tour around Amsterdam by night and I took some pictures like a real tourist would do. At some point I went back to the Irish pub where the others where still sitting and drinking and by the end of the night Maria wanted as well some falafel  and I got fries with mayonaise...I see the kilos coming back again, oh dear! How we got home is another story...Daan took me and Maria on a ride with his bike and cycled all the way back for thirty minutes. We are all still alive so thats what matters!
Today Im heading to the centre with Maria to do some more touristy stuff and tomorrow Im heading to Brussels for three days, so its time to say goodbye to Amsterdam! The show must go on...but I am definitely coming back to Holland some day!


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