Monday, March 24, 2014


  • Notre Dame ...check
  • Eiffel tower...check
  • Louvre...check
  • Mona Lisa...check
  • Boat tour ...check
  • Getting lost...check
  • Getting sweets from a patisserie...check (delicious!)
We havent done that much yet, but we really just want to chill out and take things easy. Paris is huge so we are doing the best we can to see all the things we find interesting. On our first day we went walking around and saw the Notre Dame which is only five minutes away from the hotel. Yesterday we went to Louvre and saw mona lisa for like a second as it was packed with people and Asians trying to take one million pictures of it. It was pretty small after all, so I dont really understand the big fuss about it. Either way, today we had Eiffel tower on the schedule and we walked all the stairs up to the second floor which had an amazing view and sat there for like an hour just enjoying the view and the sun. Now we are just being lazy, but we are on holidays so its okay! I am about to fall asleep and I dont care if this post has one million two thousand mistakes...I feel so lazy, plofff!
The good thing is that we havent met any arrogant Parisians yet! Whatever they say Im just Bonjour and Oui, Oui! Cant go wrong with that, heh

Greetings from a tired traveller!


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