Thursday, March 20, 2014


Yesterday I left my two dutch men behind and continued my trip to Brussels. On my last night in Amsterdam Geert cooked some really good potato-avocado-onion-sausage thing which was really good! I as well helped a little bit by making a Greek salad and caramelizing the onions that Geert taught me how to make. Daan couldnt join us but it was his loss anyways hehe. We also went cycling and I got to take some pictures of the amazing view of Amsterdam by night! I definitely enjoyed my stay with the guys and I will miss Holland!

In the morning before taking the bus I had one of those moments again thinking "F**k this shit, Im going home!". Arriving to Brussels (10€ with megabus btw...super cheap!) was a bit depressing. Also going in to the hostel that smelled like hospital didnt make me feel any better! I always tend to have my ups and downs and sometimes travelling isnt that exciting when you have to pack and unpack and carry a 20 kg backpack (+ handluggage) all the time. Im annoyed with myself now...why am I complaining again?

Despite all the down feelings I had, I met some nice girls who were staying in the same room and Elie my current host took me out to have waffles and beer (the perfect combination)! It turned out to be a great night and walking in Brussels at night time was really beautiful! I guess its normal to be down sometimes, especially when travelling alone, but thats life!

Today I came to Elies place and decided to do some touristy stuff in the city. That plan didnt go very well because I got lost and for two hours I was walking in these weird neighbourhoods that didnt make me feel very comfortable. Eventually a girl saw me struggling with my map and helped me out. I have never been so lost in my life and I really cant understand where I ended up. Only I am capable of getting lost like this! In the end I came back around seven and bought myself a huge chicken sandwich as a treat!

That was my day so far! Tomorrow Im planning to go to Brugge for the day and see what that place is about!

Greetings from Brussels!


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