Wednesday, April 2, 2014

An adventure to remember

¡Hola amigos! I am finally in San Sebastian in Pais Vasco and how I got here is something that I will remember for a long time.

As you all have noticed so far on this Eurotrip I have mainly used bla bla car and buses. As I was in Bordeaux it was cheaper to come to Spain with bla bla car than bus or train, so I looked for a ride on Sunday and luckily I found one. I contacted the driver which seemed to be an endless process since it took him a while to respond and finally he called me and we arranged a meeting at four-five o clock at the main station. On Sunday before four he sent me a message that he was driving to Bordeaux, but he was still three hours away. At that point I was like WTF??!? In the end I thought, well alright I will just wait at the station for three hours. The clock was seven, I hear nothing from him so I start calling but nothing. Then he sent me a message that he was going to come in thirty minutes, so once again I was stupid enough to wait. When that time had passed, I started calling him in panick but no response, surprise, surprise! At that point I was about to go to buy a train ticket and not wait anymore, when hallelujah the phone rang and he had finally arrived after four and a half hours!! He couldnt speak english and his spanish was really bad( on our conversation on the phone I couldnt notice that well). Gladly his girlfriend was really nice, but what he did WASNT COOL at all!! I was so upset the whole time that I was just crying at the station and hoping to find a way to Spain.

By the time we got close to San Sebastian, it was midnight and my poor host was waiting for me all that time. In the end the guy just left me in some random station in France as he didnt even know where to cross the border, because his bloody GPS was giving him wrong directions ( never trust those things...they are just evil!). Gladly my host Jon is so, so, so nice and he drove thirty minutes to come pick me up from that random station. Without him, I would have been stuck in the middle of the night, all alone, in the middle of nowhere. My faith in humanity is restored thanks to Jon, but that motherfucker Carlos from bla bla car aint getting any good references from me at least! Sorry for the harsh language but some peopke dont have any kind of respect towards otKhers! Thats all about my little adventure coming here

As about San Sebastian, I am already in love with this place! On Monday I woke up being happy to be still alive and took the train from Andoain ( a village close to San Sebastian, where my host lives) and somehow I got to the city center of San Sebastian. Once I got to see the sea I was so happy that all my worries from the previous day were gone! The weather was nice and warm and peopke were sweaming or just laying in the sun. I walked a lot around the city and later after Jon finished work he took me to some really nice placeswith the car. Evrything so green and beautiful...this place is like from a movie or something! After all the big cities I habe visited so far being in a small place with lots of nature around is perffect!

Today as well I went to a smaller city further away from San Sebastian and once again I just walked and enjoyed the sea! Later on I met with Jon again and he took me with him to his music class where they were playing this weird instrument I had never seen before and later on we went for beer with some people from the class. So far so good! I really enjoy my stay here and I really hope I will be able to come back some day!

Now I am going to stop because this post is getting too long and its 1:30 in the morning so try to ignore my spelling mistakes or any kind of mistakes! I will get some sleep now zzzzz

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