Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pinchos and beer

I keep reading my previous posts and the mistakes I have made are just horrible. My tablet is not letting me correct any mistakes so if you see sweaming instead of swimming or similar stuff just ignore it :)

But yeah, back to the travelling! On Thursday I arrived to Bilbao which is only an hour away from San Sebastian and I did it by bus this time ( at least the bus was on time!). I stayed in a hostel the first night as I couldnt find  a host straight away. The people I met at the hostel were really nice, so at least I got to make some international friends once again. I met Mara and Chris from New Zealand and Scotland, Linda from Denmark, a Finnish girl ( whose name I dont remember -_-), a Polish guy ( whose name I also dont remember) and Alex from USA. We had a nice dinner together and as I was too tired to do anything that evening I went straight to bed and hoped to get a good rest since in hostels you never know who is going to be snoring or talking in his sleep ( happened many times during my travels).

Me, Chris and Mara were actually talking before going to bed, how horrible it is when you are in a big dorm full of people and there is this one person who will be snoring and keeping everybody up. Unfortunately, that happened that night! As I was about to fall asleep this horrible snoring started and it kept going for a while. I was thinking "Oh crap! No sleep for me tonight I guess" till the snoring just suddenly stopped! Hallelujah! I dont know how someone can snore so loud for twenty minutes and then just stop...but I didnt mind at all!

The next day it was a beautiful day so me, Mara and Chris went for a little walk around Guggenheim museum and had some beer and pintxos in the sun. I think I got a bit sunburned that day, but what can you do! I have been lucky with the weather because it hasnt rained at all almost and the temperature has been around 20-25 degrees! Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to Chris and Mara since they had to catch their flight so I continued by myself to the old part of the city known as Casco Viejo or Las siete calles. 

At five I met up with my hosts Xabi and Heloise, who are really nice. Xabi is from Pais Vasco and Heloise is from Normandy in France. We played board games and had a nice evening together. Yesterday I went inside the Guggenheim ( which was only 6€ euros) and I stayed there for three hours and went throught all te things they had there. There was one Brazilian artist whose art was really interesting and I can say that it was one of the rare times that I enjoyed it. There was also one part of Yoko Onos art which sucked so so baaaaad! For example there was a canvas and it had two condoms filled with water was called "You and me" (wtf?!?). I just dont get it how something so stupid can be called art these days...but I guess if you have a name you can sell dog poop and call it art! But thats just my opinion.

After the museum I had some pintxos (again) with Heloise and she showed me around some cool buildings, so we walked a lot! We also went walking to the Casco Viejo and as we were walking this huge groupe of people filled the whole street and started singing. There must have been 100 people at least...probably more. When we asked a woman if they were celebrating something she said no. I mean, why not? I was a cool experience to see all these people singing in Euskera.

In the end of our long walk we sat to have a beer in the sun ( I seriously need to get some cream on my face) and then came back to Barakaldo where my hosts live. We also went out for beer and pintxos around nine and met up with their friends and started our night going from one bar to another. Thats what they do here! You go have a beer in one bar, then the next one, then another one and it goes on and on till you dont remember in how many bars you went. Not to mention pintxos...which are so good! 

We came back a bit late, but it was a fun night. After the fifth beer it was time for me to stop and for the rest of the night I drank coke...I dont understand how the others could drink anddrink without any problem! Spanish genes I guess!

Today we are going to the mountain so I need to get ready! Besos!


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