Sunday, April 27, 2014

Pictures from Paris

The city of love and light? Okay, well there were lot's of lights for sure! As for the romance...I couldn't really feel it :P Gladly I had my friend Essi exploring the city with me for five days and we got to spend some girly time :)
Here , here and here you can find the posts I wrote about our adventures.
 Oh la laaaa
 This is the face of a woman who is ready to go shopping! I was taking pictures and I told Essi to look in the camera. At the same time she saw a shoe shop and this is the face I describes her excitment pretty well ;)
 The little cheese goddess in me got really excited when I saw this!
 So much looooove
 Notre Dame
 It was slightly windy
 This is what we do when we visit museums...
 All the people were mainly gathered here. We couldn't really enjoy Mona Lisa for too long as it was packed. We just took a picture and left...meh!
 Nice ass
 Tadaaaa! Eiffel tower
 One thing that will stay in my memory from Paris were the pastries! So good...
 Eiffel tower by night!
 Our last night in Paris
 Our ways with Essi separated and I continued to Bordeaux and Essi went back to Finlandiaaa!
More pictures from France coming soon!

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