Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pictures from Berlin part 1

Here comes the fun part! Pictures!!!
Now that I am home I can upload my photos and show you all the cool stuff I saw while travelling! You will have to go a bit back in time so here , here and here you can find the posts I wrote about my time in Berlin :)
My friend Nadja took me to this cute little coffee shop where I had the best pesto, mozzarella, tomato, egg toast, yum!
Remember Nadja? I met her two years ago in Barcelona and we finally met again in Berlin where she hosted me for four days :)
A part of the Berlin Wall
some weird graffiti...
Yeah, okay, whatever, my eyes hurt...
One of the many memorials they had...can't remember the name, sorry :/
Brandenburg Gate
Me and the Berlin bear
We went also to this older looking area, but I am really bad with names and once again I don't remember what it's called D: Forgive me for my lack of memory!
Tv Tower where we didn't get to go all the way up after all. The view must be pretty cool from up there...oh well, next time!
Potsdamer Platz
Sony Center
Some strange Belgian stuff ;)

One of my hosts in Berlin, Mathieu! He was actually from Paris, but he got sick of the big city so he decided to move to Berlin :P I guess if you compare Berlin to Paris it's a lot smaller?!
Charlottenburg Palace
One of the biggest cupcakes I have ever had! For those who have a sweet tooth ;)
deciding where to go next
okay, it probably doesn't look that big, but it was!
one of my typical faces again, meh

I just liked the color of the wall so I put Nadja to pose for the picture, hehe
Something simple to wear for salsa dancing? Maybe I should have bought it, damn!
The Jewish memorial
Stay tuned! More to come soon....

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