Friday, April 11, 2014

Living la vida loca

Hello there! I am still in Madrid wandering around and meeting cool people. Today I am going to do some couch surfing again and I am going to stay with this guy Carlos who seems to be nice. Once again I have to pack my stuff, but I have become pretty good at packing my things after a month of practising, ha!

Last night I finally got to do some salsa dancing with the Finnish girl Enni, who works at the reception here and boy it was fun! Every time I go salsa dancing I know I am going to have a great time, even though sometimes there are weird men staring or coming to talk to you, but oh well! I actually met some really funny guys and gladly they were dancing very well as well, so there you go! I also keep meeting people in random places lately. I met two people on the metro the other day and some people just on the street. When I am in my travelling mood I tend to talk to strangers more easily and gladly people dont think I am a total weirdo. I was also very lucky to meet John because we spent a lot of time getting lost in the city and it was so nice to have someone to talk to while walking rather than just being alone. We also went to a Picasso exhibition with a Polish girl whose name I cant pronounce and  then went to have some montaditos. Me and John went a little too crazy and bought so many montaditos that we couldnt finish after all, but shit happens! 

Today I am not planning to do anything specific, but hopefully its going to be something fun. After all the walking and dancing yesterday my body is saying "NOOO", but my mind is saying " GET OFF THAT COUCH YOU LAZY COW!". Sometimes you just need to give your body a rest...or maybe its just me feeding excuses to myself. Either way I wil give my body a rest and later on go back to being all active and fun! That sounds more like it!

Okay, I am going now otherwise I will stay on this couch for too long! Hasta luego! :)


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