Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pictures from Cologne

After Berlin my "adventure" continued to Cologne! Here  you can find some things I wrote about my time there.

The truth is I didn't stay there for too long so there isn't much to say about it. It was a lot different from Berlin and a lot smaller, but it was good to see something different at least.
Shopping street!
The old part of the city
It was also pretty warm in Cologne. People were sitting in the park with their T-shirts on which I found a bit silly as it wasn't THAT hot, but in a way I can understand that people want to absorb all the sun after having a long cold winter.
The cathedral
This was just one part of the bridge. It continued all the way to the other side! So much love in Cologne...meow! 
I wonder if Pipi and his wife are still together. There were actually some people who had scratched over the names...oopsy! Don't lock your love too early, shit can happen even if you are in love!
After two days there I said goodbye to Cologne and moved on to even bigger adventures in Holland!
Stay tuned ;)

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