Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pictures from Amsterdam

Here are the pictures of my favorite city so far!
Amsterdam mesmerized me with its' canals, narrow streets and small shops. I could easily imagine myself living there ;)
Here and here you can find the posts I wrote back then to freshen up your memory.

 Room for rent people! The only picture I took from the red light district. For those who are desperate for money go ahead!
 A break for Margaritaaaas
 No, I didn't go to the Anne Frank museum after the margaritas! This was on another day.
 I had to wait in line for quite a while but it was definitely worth it! I would recommend it 100%
 Celebrating St Patrick's day in an Irish pub with Brenda and Maria's friends.
 Brenda that I met through couch surfing on the same day
 A small break to have falafel. As you can tell I like to take breaks for food and drinks...
 One of my couch surfing hosts Daan! He took me and Maria on that bike that night. Me at the front and Maria on the was quite a ride, but we survived! I just kept my eyes closed because I didn't want to die with my eyes open.
 A night out with the whole group of people I met in Amsterdam :)
 My other host Geert (or also known the nipples guy) who is one of the best cooks! The proof is on the picture bellow if you don't believe me.
ps. Remember what I said about Dutch being tall?? Well, you can imagine how small I felt next to him
 A gourmet dish made by Geert with potatos, avocado, caramelized onions, apple and sausages. He knows how to make somebody happy and fat! :)
 This is what I made. A Greek salad a la Karolina...after Geerts gourmet dish this didn't feel that special, but it was still edible.
 After our Gourmet meal Geert took me out cycling so we went to this new library that had an amazing view of the city at the top floor.
 Okay, probably in the picture it doesn't look that amazing, but in real life it was stunning!
  If you wonder where to go for holidays Holland is one place worth checking out...after Greece of course! I still need to advertise my country hehe.

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