Wednesday, April 16, 2014

So much food!!

After spending the weekend with Carlos I can say that he was a pretty good host! I got lucky because he loved food as much as I do, so he took me to all these great restaurants where the food was just amazing!! Since he was from Mexico we went to a Mexican restaurant where besides the great food I had the best mango margarita was just mind blowing, almost too much to handle! After having that huge Mexican meal we went salsa dancing which didnt go very well as Carlos got an asthma attack and I got sick because I had eaten too much. What can you do, shit happens!

The next morning we woke up around 2 pm and I went for a walk alone because Carlos had to do some work for a couple of hours. I ended up sitting at a coffee shop sipping my ice coffee and enjoying the sun. It was one of those moments where I could say "Damn, life is good!". Later on I met up with Carlos again and we went out to have a drink with Michael who is the friend of my friend and he happened to be in Madrid at the same time as me. Once again Carlos took us to an amazing Spanish restaurant where we had some super tasty tapas! Not to mention the strawberry-vodka cocktail we had earlier...delicious!! The guys wanted to have some more drinks so we went to some bars, but suddenly Carlos had to leave because he got an emergency call from work and he had to leave in the middle of the fun. Either way me and Michael continued our way to the busy streets of Madrid and eventually had an early night and decided to go home....blaah!

On Sunday Carlos took me to an American diner to have hamburgers (we did eat quite a lot in case you were wondering). The food was pretty good, but what amuzed me the most was when the waiters gathered all together and started dancing to some Elvis song. It took me by surprise, but it was definitely fun to watch! After lunch we headed to Plaza España and from there went back home as I had to pack my stuff and find my way to the airport. I said goodbye to Carlos and thanked him for the fattening weekend and the great times!

Once I got to the airport I went to do the check in and it turned out I had to pay 45 euros for my backpack...meh! Once I paid that, I went through the security control, which I had to do twice as they hadn't told me that I had to put my camera and tablet seperatelly, ugh! Once I got on the plain, I fell asleep for the whole ride and the next morning I met my friend Foteinh with whom I spent the last couple of days in Athens. I hadn't seen her since our trip in Sevilla last year and it was so much fun hanging out again and being all crazy and weird, ha!

Now I am in Volos and it's so good to be back home! The first thing I did was put laundry as all my clothes were getting pretty disgusting! Today I am sleeping in my own bed, hallelujah! :D


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