Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wander around

Hola! Here I am in the magical land of Madrid, wohoooo! I still cant believe that I actually made it all the way here with bla bla car and buses from Berlin. I can say its been quite a ride, sometimes interesting and sometimes not so interesting lets say.

On Monday I used bla bla car again, even though my previous experience was horrible, to come from Bilbao to Madrid. I got lucky this time as the people who were sharing the ride were pretty cool and I got to have some interesting conversations with them...or at least I tried to keep up since they were speaking really fast in Spanish. Once I arrived to Madrid I looked up for my hostel and basically spent the rest of the day just being lazy and boring, meh! I had been walking the whole weekend with my hosts in Bilbao so I deserved one day of just being my boring self. Gladly I met some really cool people later on and my evening got a lot more interesting. Once they kicked us out of the hostel because we were making too much noise, we went out with a small group of people and I got to speak some Finnish with the receptionist who is from (drums rolls....drrrrrrrr) Finland! Who thought I would meet Finnish people while travelling!? I am quite amazed by the fact!

I decided not to party too hard since I wanted to do the walking tour the next day so I came back around three in the morning and tried not to wake up all the people in the 12 bed dorm. Trying to find all your stuff in the dark without making too much noise can be quite a challenge! Gladly I made it and I even got up early the next day, took a shower, had a crappy hostel breakfast ( It was really bad...) and went to the tour on time, score! John from Australia and Andrea from Costa Rica also came along to the tour which was really nice. Andrea went to the Spanish speaking tour and I stuck to the English speaking one with John. I kept complaining of how hot it was and John just seemed to be amuzed by that for some reason. Gladly a girl in the group gave us some sunscreen so I didnt come back to the hostel looking like a tomato. After the tour we just hung out in a park and rented a boat in a small lake kind of thingy ( I dont really know how to explain it) and just layed there under the hot sun. I ended up coming back around eight and then left again for a drink, but then realized I was too tired so after a couple of hours came back again and got some sleep. That was pretty much my full day in Madrid and it wasnt too bad :)

Today I didnt plan anything so I ended up wondering the city with John again, who is a pretty funny guy. On the other hand I havent met any Australians that I havent got along with so it must be that they are just awesome people! We actually got a bit lost on the way and we didnt get to see the things that we wanted to see, but we saw plenty of other stuff so it was okay. Then had a huge beer and some montaditos and our city exploring ended there as John had to get his stuff and go to his couch surfing host here.

Now I am being again my boring self and planning to go to bed early as I have some stuff that I want to do for tomorrow. There wont be any partying tonight but I am definitely planning to do some salsa dancing one of these days! I will end this lame post with a buenas noches and sweet dreams!


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