Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ali ali alicante


Today I arrived safely to Alicante and so far I have done quite many things! They were organizing a paella class with the people from the hostel so how could I say no to paella? Plus I met some finish people and got to chat with them a bit :)

We got to see how they made the paella from scratch and even got to participate a bit in the whole process! Probably the best paella I have ever yummy!! We also got to see how they make the tortilla as well mmmmm! When I go home I have to try to do it myself....we will see how that is going to turn out! Probably a disaster in the kitchen....oh well! You always have to try new things even if they dont turn out the way you imagined, right?

Also I walked at the beach surprise surprise, but it wasnt as nice as in bcn. Okay, I guess I shouldnt be comparing all the cities I see with Barcelona but I cant help it! As I was sitting there enjoying my peace and quite a Spanish guy started talking to me...I dont know wether he was trying to hit on me, but I am not used to this kind of behaviour that a total stranger starts chatting with me on the street! Strange men in Spain...stay away from them :P

Tomorrow I am heading to Granada! Yey! More news to come soon :)

ps. why everybody thinks I am japanese when they see  me?



  1. What's so bad about a guy who wants to get to know you even if it happens in the middle of the street? I agree that it's a little creepy, it can be also dangerous, but I think mostly it's totally harmless.

    Usually a guy who does that is not looking for a serious relationship, but when you are traveling around, I suppose you are not looking for something like that either, so what's the harm? You don't need to end up in bed with him.

    Plus very few Spanish guys are like that, as you must have realized.

    Everybody thinks you are from Japan? You have something eastern in your eyes, but it really is surprising if everybody thinks you are Japanese.

    1. Maybe it just took me by surprise. Oh well I had a ni ce chat with him so no harm there :-)
      Maybe I exaggerated at the "everybody" but lots of people have thought that I am from Asia...I don't understand why.