Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Next stop => Alicante

Hola chicos!!

Finally I got to see another city in Spain! On monday I left for Valencia and actually the night before I decided not to sleep at all and hung out till my bus left early in the morning. Fortunately I wasnt alone as a guy from the hostel was up the whole night with me! He was such great company and bcn by night is better because there arent so many people everywhere. It was a fun night even though we looked like zombies in the morning hehe

When I arrived to Valencia I was super exhausted, but what can you expect when you stay up all night? So the secret is lots of coffee and fresh air! I walked around Valencia and saw many nice things...:) thats pretty much what I did. I wish I had met people at the hostel, but hopefully I will meet more people in Alicante which is my next stop from here! I wasnt supposed to go there but it was my last minute decision :) I am becoming more spontanious wohoooo!

Also today I got good news as my greek friend that I met in Florence is coming to Seville for one week and we are going to spend some time traveling together! Couldnt be more excited :D

Now I am going to put some cream on my burned nose and get some sleep tonight!

Hasta luego!!


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