Saturday, April 20, 2013


Hello there!!
Here we go again with my roadtrip in Spain! After Valencia I decided to go to Alicante for one day before heading to Granada. Actually I was supposed to stay in Valencia for one more day but I got bored there so in the last minute I decided to go to Alicante. I don't regret going there even though there wasn't much to see but I ate the best paella! The hostel was nice and I met some people so everything was goooood :)
 making yummy and sooooo garlickyyyy! It will keep all the vampires and men away for a long time after you have this garlic bomb :D I love it buahahaha
 teaching how to make tortilla! This woman just knows how to make the best food ever!
 and there it goes into the pan!
 that was some seriously good paella!!
 - How many months are there in one year?
- Twelve months, do you want more?
-I would like to have twelve and one more to rest
( I cant disagree with that! )
So that was Alicante shortly shown in a few pictures :)
To be continued...

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