Thursday, April 25, 2013

La Feria

Hello there!

To be continued with Sevilla once again! I am glad me and Fotini got to see the Feria which was a huge thing there. I don't really know what they were celebrating exactly to be honest...nobody gave me a clear answer when I asked them. Basically it's a big fiestaaaa with lots of flamenco, food and a few drunk people (or actually there were many of them...hupsy!).
Fotini and our new friend from Mexico :)
Men having a serious conversation and totally ignoring me when I told them to turn around to take a picture...ugh men!

Oh darling! This is what happens when you let a Canadian guy play with your money! No big deal though I just taped it back together hehe ;)

Fotini and the big bug
the kids playing
The two Greeks in the middle, Matt from England on the right and Maaaaaaaaaaael on the left (it took me a while to learn how to pronounciate his name...strange french people with weird names!!) 
This was my last post from Sevilla snif snif :(
More pictures to come from my last night in Barcelona so stay tuned! ;)

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